1. Our most important guideline is that you please respect the people working around you and treat the Co-Balt Workspace with care—this is your workspace. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these house rules or any other aspect of Co-Balt. We really appreciate your feedback.

  2. Member Communications: All members are invited to join us on our Slack channel. Any important updates will be sent to your email address, but Slack is a great place to meet your fellow members, stay aware of events and member perks, and let people know what you’re working on.

  3. Only members on a 24/7-access membership plan are permitted after hours. Guests and visitors are permitted Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. Management approval needed for after hours. Guests of members must be signed-in upon arrival. Members must be present while the guest is visiting the space.  You are welcome to invite guests into the Co-Balt workspace for short meetings of up to four (4) hours. If they remain for longer, we ask that they purchase a day pass. Please keep guest visits reasonably limited. Of course, you are free to have guests join you anytime you have reserved the conference room. Your guests should feel free to take water, coffee, tea, or any other snacks.

  4. After Hours: If you’re using the space after 6 PM, on weekends, or any time a Community Manager isn’t present, please ensure the alarm is set if you are the last person to leave, or the first person to enter the building. The access code will be given verbally upon request.

  5. Proximity: Proximity is our keyless entry app which allows access to the building’s front door, vestibule door, and rear door. Please do not use Proximity to allow non-members entry to the Co-Balt workspace. Proximity access is intended for members only.

  6. Honor the workspace reservations you make, and cancel reservations in advance if a conflict arises. Reservations may be canceled up to 24 hours prior scheduled reserved time.  If a reservation is canceled within 24 hours from the scheduled time, no refunds may be issued.

  7. Leave workspaces and common areas as you found them.

  8. Please be respectful of other members and refrain from speaker-phone use in the building. Cell phone ringers kept low, vibrate or silent.

  9. Conference Room: Conference rooms must be booked in advance. The conference room can be booked by members as available and during the hours your membership plan gives you access to the workspace. Additional hours not provided in your membership plan can be reserved for a discounted rate of $25 per hour. Conference room bookings can be done through our member website at under the Reservations tab and are limited to a minimum of fifteen minutes and can go up to the entire day. The Conference rooms are not for general use, you must have a booking to use the rooms. Conference room hours do not roll over from month-to-month.

  10. Working in private offices and dedicated desk spaces is not permitted unless membership plan permits.

  11. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

  12. Coffee, water, and beer are complimentary with membership.

  13. Keeping Clean: We would love it if you’d make sure your work area is left clean behind you and any glasses, dishes, or mugs are put in the dishwasher, not the sink. Staff will empty the dishwasher regularly. Clean up any messes made on counters and/or microwave.

  14. Co-Balt members are responsible for cleaning or repair costs arising from food or drink spills.

  15. Do not solicit other members or guests.

  16. Events must be approved by Co-Balt Management in advance, and spaces should be left the way you found them.

  17. Printing: The printer/copier/scanner is available to use per your membership plan. Please ask the Community Manager for the installation process. The printer driver provides additional features not enabled without it. Note:

  18. Terms & Conditions: These house rules are a supplement to the Terms & Conditions/License Agreement you agreed to upon creation of your member account. That agreement will be updated periodically and is available at Please be aware that by using the Co-Balt workspace you confirm that you have accepted the Terms & Conditions/License Agreement.

  19. Use of profanity, viewing of pornography or sexually explicit material, intimidation, coercion, making unwelcome sexual advances and visiting space while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are prohibited. Please report any such behavior to the Community Manager. The Co-Balt workspace is to be used for professional purposes only. Unauthorized use of the space may result in immediate termination of membership. Any activities which disturb or offend other members, or which are not congruent with Co-Balt workspace’s terms, house rules, policies, or standard of conduct, may be grounds for termination of membership, effective immediately, in Co-Balt’s sole discretion.

  20. Changes: These house rules may change from time to time as needed and in the sole discretion of Co-Balt Workspace Management. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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